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When we stop loving the itch inside of us, all about us will be familiar. But -  our wings will lie folded. Something in us will have died without ever having lived.

Start Over. Break Free
Salute your dream, polish your vision - GO.

"Marguerite shares in a frank and honest way the realities of her three "start-over" journeys toward wholeness which nudge the reader to reach higher and dig deeper for a second chance."
�Richard Schneider, senior editor, Guideposts Magazine

A woman who'd laundered 20,000 diapers and 10,000 dishrags, and worn out two cars toting six sons and four dogs to doctors and Boy Scouts got a mid-life crisis that landed her in upper Alaska, where her neighbors were bears, her live-ins chickens, toilets were buckets, temperatures reached 60 below, water got packed, the closest hospital was 300 miles, and the nearest bathtub � God only knew.

She cooked fish from fishwheels, moose from the tundra and built the  school's first library.

She borrowed a typewriter at the school and began writing Alaska stories published in Reader's Digest, Outdoor Life, Guideposts, Alaska Magazine, and others.

The Digest sent her to Little Diomede, America's last outpost in the Bering Sea, two and a half miles from the Soviet fortress of Big Diomede which had machine guns pointed toward our tiny American island.  She lived in the school pantry and ate in the  cafeteria.  But it was Cold War. Rumor spread she was a  Soviet spy. Her life hung in balance.

One day on the Internet, she met a gentleman 4,000 miles away.They met. They married. And she gathered the greatest lessons of her life:  There is an Otherness that cares. There is meaning.  There is purpose.   

Her story has not ended. And yours shouldn't either. Read on.


What's new
and what's next...

Reiss' most recent book, "Bear Attacks Of The Century," co-authored with Larry Mueller,  released in 2005 by publisher Globe Pequot (Lyons Press).

 "Extreme Outdoor Adventures, Who Survives. Who Doesn't. And    Why" (Globe Pequot Press) publishing date 2007.

"Journey to Become Unlost" A spiritual journey all wanderers in this life can relate to. Completed manuscript. (See Excerpts link at the top left of this page.)

"60 Below and Alone." An account of a single woman's adventures in Alaska. 


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