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About Marguerite

Marguerite Reiss Kern

A native Ohioan, Marguerite Reiss taught library science in an Athabascan village on the Yukon River 4,000 miles from her native Ohio, and wrote about Alaskan male and female pioneers, gold miners, adventurers, explorers, rescuers and airborne teachers sans classrooms who literally hover over their students,  dropping encyclopedias, books  and lesson plans out of Cessnas to the cabins of itinerant fishermen, miners and trappers whose children will never see the inside of a school.  An Alaska resident 20 years, she lives in East Lansing, Michigan, returning to Anchorage and Fairbanks summers.

About the Author
Adventure-writer, Chronicler, Seeker

Marguerite Reiss writes about life's journeys and adventures, physical and spiritual.

Known as an outdoor adventure writer, she has published 40 stories with Readers Digest, Outdoor Life, Guideposts, Field & Stream, Rotarian  Alaska Magazine and others and been a reporter or page editor on 11 newspapers.  She is co-author of Bear Attacks of the Century )2005) and the upcoming Extreme Outdoor Adventures: Who Survives, Who Doesn't And Why. (Globe Pequot under Lyons Press imprint, 2007).

As a spiritual seeker Marguerite writes about own her life-changing adventures, narrow escapes, and spiritual quests. Her book "Holy Nudges" was published by Logos Inc. following a 17,000-mile "faith pilgrimage - destination unknown"  with her youngest son, aged 10."

She completed a Master's degree in Library Science, built a library in northern Alaska, was a reference librarian in Anchorage, a children's librarian in Ohio schools and a Columbus, Ohio librarian in data processing (a federal grant).  She writes children's stories and has been published in Highlights magazine.

What Others Say

Susan Schwartz, former editor, Facts On File: "Boy can she write. I really felt as though I were freezing with her up in that frozen wasteland."

Fulton Oursler, former Deputy Editor-In-Chief, Readers Digest: "I have nothing but praise over Marguerite's ability to write and persevere with her very special talent.  She has much to share.  No editor could ask for more." 

Jay Cassell, Deputy Editor, Field & Stream magazine: "She is a true investigative reporter able to ferret out stories that few others can."

Vin Sparano, former editor-In-Chief, Outdoor Life: "A professional and meticulous contributor through the years to Outdoor Life magazine."

Fran Halpern, host of NPR's 'Beyond Words' and other shows: "Extremely talented. She's been a feature writer for three of the nation's largest newspapers, lived 20 years in Alaska and writes colorfully about life in a radar site during the Cold War when American F-15 scrambled 60-100 times a year to chase Soviet bombers over our land mass back home to Russia."  


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