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"Extreme Outdoor Adventures. Who Survives. Who doesn't. And Why"
(The Lyons Press, coming in 2007)

Book in progress. Coauthored with outdoor writer Larry Mueller.

Book cover: Bear Attacks of the Century Bear Attacks of the Century: True Stories of Courage and Survival
(The Lyons Press, 2005). Coauthor Larry Mueller.

People perform almost superhuman feats to survive bear attacks. Bear Attacks of the Century, coauthored with outdoor writer Larry Mueller, gathers together stories of courage, chronicling the most horrific encounters between bears and people. With expert advice on avoiding attacks, this book is required reading for hikers, hunters, campers, or anyone visiting bear country and those who want to learn more about these sometimes deadly but always fascinating animals.

Book cover: Holy Nudges by Marguerite Reiss Kern Holy Nudges
Bridge-Logos Co. (formerly Logos Inc.) 1976

"Holy Nudges" Bridge-Logos Co. (formerly Logos Inc.) 1976
Newly divorced, Marguerite Reiss and her youngest son set off on a 17,000-mile faith pilgrimage. After selling everything they couldn't cram in the car, they left nothing behind, not even a mailing address. With only $400 to their names, they headed west. This collection chronicles one Quaker's inner dialogue with God during a journey that taught her to listen for "holy nudges."

What others say:

"These epigrammatic jottings of Marguerite have spontaneity, are never labored or preachy ... free of self-consciousness and are not contrived. The language is pungent, sometimes astringent. John R. Yungblut, former instructor Quaker Center for Study and Contemplation, Pendle Hill, Wallingford, PA

"Nudges crackles, chafes and cuts, but most of all, it cleanses." Sam Perdue, former editor Columbus Citizen-Journal, Columbus, OH

"Holy Nudges is an honest, often painful but insightful account of one person's journey to enlightened Christian living." Dr. W. Hugh Missildine

Magazines & Newspapers
A short list of publications

Among major publications, Marguerite has written for:

-Reader's Digest (American, Asian, British editions)

-Outdoor Life


-Field & Stream Magazine

-Alaska Magazine

Staff writer or page editor on 11 dailies, including:

-Akron OH) Beacon Journal
-Columbus (OH) Dispatch
-Columbus (OH) Citizen Journal
-Lorain (OH) Journal
-Washington DC Times Herald
-Anchorage (AK) Times


-Anchorage (AK) Daily News
-Cleveland News
-Toledo Blade
-Papers in Marion, Chillicothe, Marion, Elyria, Oberlin (OH), Casper (WY)








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